Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rend (Original Mix)

Rend (Original Mix) is a satire / tribute to EDM going mainstream nowadays, since I loved electronic music since the 90s and is my main genre of music in production, but didn't like how it got mainstream and used by others.

This song was recorded using real instruments and low-quality vocals: my Casio CTK-80 keyboard, Walkband App from my Sony Xperia Z2, and a bunch of hand-recorded taps / percussion. 

Genres: EDM, Satire, Electronic, House, Techno

Recorded with: Casio CTK-80 keyboard and Walkband app (Xperia Z2)
Footage, Performance, Artwork: Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra
Shot Using: Sony Xperia Z2
Art Materials: Pentel Pens, Scratch Papers (Old Handouts), Ruler, Pencil
Base Book for Controller Pad: "The Kids' Fun-Filled Question and Answer Book"
Disco Lights: Battery-Operated Candle from Local Taiwanese Stores
Kaleidoscope Overlays: Shot Using Xperia Z2's Effect Camera


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